Thursday 2 June 2011

Silver Sun: Xanadu

I'm sorry hipsters, but I just CANNOT resist posting this.

I love Rush in a very real and a very actual way. The years I spent apart from them (denying my dubious Metal/Pop/Prog past whilst hanging out with the cool kids and listening to Elvis Costello) I see as my 'wasted years' and I am truly, truly sorry. There are maybe three songs in the entire history of recorded music which are better than 'Closer To The Heart'...maybe four...or possibly two. I saw them at my local EnormoDome a few days back and they were, in a word, In-fugging-credible. And very self deprecating and self aware. That cannot be said of many bands, especially in whatever genre Rush inhabit these days.

But back to's a wonderful thing when two worlds meet. This recording is a wonderful thing. In one world we have the young and lovely SilverSun, bristling with Beach Boys harmonies and PowerPop the other world - Rush. Prog Rock princelings, wearing their Kimonos with pride. These disparate worlds shake hands, hug in a manly but affectionate way and 'Xanadu' is born - 11 minutes of literary influenced Prog Rock fuzzed up, coated in some delicious harmonies, squeezed into just under four fun filled minutes and chucked out as a bonus track on a CD single where the lead track was a Johhny Mathis cover. As our American cousins might say...'Go Figure?'

My hat is off to everyone concerned with this tune. A PowerPop tribute to Rush would be a fine, fine thing. can you imagine The Posies covering 'Spirit of Radio'? Teenage Fanclub covering 'Fly By Night'? ...I'm giddy with excitement.

Seriously, this is a great example of how to approach a cover - a genuine enthusiasm for the song, a little reverence and a lot of fun.


  1. Jeez Rushbo, I'm not to sure about this....taking a classic and iconic song and turning it into something generic and banal?

    10/10 for the idea, -10/10 for the execution.

    Let's hope they don't get hold of my Rush fave, Limelight!

  2. awww Ralph...

    On the subject of naff Rush cover versions, I've always had a sneaking admiration for The Catherine Wheel, but their version of 'Spirit of Radio' is less than great.

    I'm still a fan of this Mr D and I think it works great as a Pop tune. maybe all those Eurovision Song Contests have softened my brain....

  3. Thanks, Rushbo, for bringing this to our attention. I love Rush, and I love Silver Sun, and this to me is... well, I can only think of one word for it: Magnificent. I have to buy that CD single.

    Update: I've just bought that CD single.

  4. Ugghhh! Okay, I confess, I hate Rush and what I loathe even more are covers of Rush. Wait! I TAKE THAT BACK! What makes me go out into the alley and puke is hearing a bunch of kids playing Freebird and start posing like they're smokin' hot rock stars! Reverent and fun for me? How about a band like The Posies covering an iconic band like....uhh.. Big Star? It's an idea so off the wall, it might just work...

  5. ooohhh, talk about polarising opinions!

    Oxy, I've never covered 'Freebird', but I have covered a LOT of stuff like 'Freebird' and posed like a Rockstar. It must have been your puke I skidded in when I was loading my bass amp into the van...And as for the Posies covering Big Star-thats crazy talk! You might as well have asked Johnny cash to cover Nine Inch Nails...

    Peter - glad to be of service. You are a man of impeccable taste.

  6. By the way, Rushbo: the video of Rush's "Xanadu" is available on ye olde YouTubes: If you want to polarise opinions even more, you can add that to your post for a little "compare and contrast".

    Verification word: "pliased". I've now been pliased.

  7. This really cracks me up. Thanks for posting! I was so into this Rush album back in high school (eons ago), but way more partial to power pop today. Funny idea for a cover.