Monday 2 May 2011


A quick, multi purpose post...

First and foremost, I need to bring your attention to the mighty Stackridge. Veterans of a million gigs, the first band ever (that's EVER!) to play the Glastonbury Festival and purveyors of fine Pop for many, many years. They were The Korgis for a bit as well - you know, 'Everyones Got To Learn Sometime'...yeah - them. I have to say that their seventies output is pretty amazing, but the stuff that I'm enjoying at the moment is their most recent material. Crazy many bands are writing better stuff now than 'back in the day'? Anyhoo, here's my faverave tune, the frankly amazing 'Something about the Beatles'

Now how great is that? 

So go here  to get the lowdown on the band and then go here to buy tons of stuff. 

Secondly (here comes the shameless plug, you may need to avert your gaze, briefly) my Beat Combo, 'The Valuable Fools' are supporting 'em this Thursday (5th) in the throbbing heart of Rock 'n' Roll...Bilston. Yeah, I'll be rattling the traps (quite badly) and singing (acceptably), tunes from our two and a half albums. Come along and laugh and point at a man who should have jacked it all in years ago. I'm really selling this gig aren't I? Stackridge are ace live, I kid you not. We're quite good too...really.

And third and lastly, a big welcome to my Uncle Martin who finally found my blog and suggested I post some Stackridge. So here it is.

It's bloody hell week at work, so there are a couple of things scheduled and that's yer lot until this time next week. Miss me, won't you...?


  1. Wow, I never knew this song was a Stackridge one! I love this song! Thanks for reminding me, oh Great One!

  2. We normally thinks so alike and post something similar simultaneously.

    But Stackridge???? Have you gone mad Rushbo?

    Happy gigging my good man.

  3. You suprise me Don...
    There's some lovely, pastoral Pop on their albums - a bit of whimsical fluff too, but in a nice way.

    The gig was ace, ta. They don't give support bands a hard time like a lot of 'name' bands do. And crappy little local outfits too. I'm off to see Bill Nelson do his solo thing in Sheffield tonight. Woohoo!