Tuesday 31 May 2011

Sorry I'm late...

…but the dog ate my homework.

I was going to title this post “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”, but:
a. It’s a misquote
b. Every blogger who doesn’t post for a day or two starts up again with a post that reads “Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

So I shan’t. Suffice to say the merry month of May was less than merry. And I’m not even sure it was a whole month. It’s been insanely busy here at Rushbo Towers, with just about time enough for the occasional glance at a blog or two between going to see Pop concerts (The Mighty Rush!!) external and internal verification (as much fun as it sounds), squeezing coursework out of schoolchildren (ditto), attending a Guitar recital featuring the 9 year old Rushbo Jr (gig of the year by a country mile) and the job interview from Hell. I’m better now. It’s half term, I’m still ploughing through small childrens’ coursework, but I have a cool beer to my side and a PIL ticket for tomorrow in my pocket, so all is well. I’m catching up with everyone, so the usual suspects can expect something ‘witty’ in their inboxes soon. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern at my absence – I wish the truth was more interesting that it is….

To make up, here's a bumper crop of lovliness and a new 'Rushbo's Guide' too. My gift to you for your patience.

Right…teabreak over – back on your heads.



  1. Thank god you're back - I was thinking of sending out a search party! And a new guide to boot - yoo-bloody-hoo!

    Can relate to everything you said in your post - except the bit about Rush, which filled me with jealous hatred. Don't think they've ever toured Australia (sniff sniff)...

  2. As usual, loved the new guide - but didn't know where to comment on it. You made it a step further than me - my band only got to the demo stage.

  3. So are you gonna put the record on the blog??

  4. Hey Ralph,

    Now here's the thing...the record is still technically in print as it's available for download, but as I am the Bassist... And I'm not sure if it's an act of egotism on my part. It's a decent record tho, if a bit of it's time. You can have a sneaky peek here...

  5. I like it - I agree it's of it's time, but the snippets left me wanting to hear the rest of it.

    So what's your cut from each download!?

  6. Ha! As I wasn't a writer (and don't get started on THAT!) I get bupkiss. The last royalty statement we recieved from Cherry Red showed a deficit of £500. The genius marketing department released the single and the album on the same day and paid for one tiny advert in a UK trade magazine called Music Week. Maybe they knew something we didn't as about 8 weeks later, we'd split up. Pop groups eh? Over the weekend I'll upload the album, the 12" tracks, a radio session or two and some outtakes and send you the link. We got lots of comparisons to the GoBetweens, Lloyd Cole and Television, mainly down to the vocal style. I haven't played it for ages...maybe this is my excuse.