Friday 29 April 2011

Gram Parsons: $1000 Wedding

Everyone should have a beautiful, spiritual wedding day. It doesn't need to cost as much as 100 hospitals.

This is the most beautiful song you'll hear today.


  1. I watched an AFL game (i.e. Australian football) rather than the royal wedding. It was a difficult choice (NOT!) Call me a heathen (or a republican - same thing to some people!)

    Ah, nice song choice to!

  2. That's a nice video to a great song!

    It seems Gram wasn't much for actually making a marriage work the way it should, but that was pretty much like everything in his life.

    It's too bad he couldn't have gotten it together and overcome his torments and weaknesses, but he's not alone in being unable to do so.

    Anyway, great song choice for the day. Can't wait for Harry's after party!


  3. Great song - and your comment is most succinctly put. Spend most of the day gardening - and I hate gardening.... :-)

  4. Thanks for that song, Rushbo. I'd never heard it before. Despite the incredibly downbeat nature of the song's lyrics (talk about jaundiced!), it's prompted me to think about wedding songs and ask people what theirs were. Ours was "All The Way" by Frank Sinatra...

  5. Wow, what a lovely song. But it appears to be more about a funeral than a wedding... but lovely nonetheless. Thanks for the heads-up! x