Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rain Parade: Newport Music Hall (Front room) Columbus, Ohio November 11 (?) 1984

Yep, it’s Tuesday, so it must be another Rain Parade live recording.

This is another ace soundboard (or exceptionally good audience recording) from Columbus,  Ohio, around the time of the ‘Perfume River’ recording. Don’t panic completeists, there are a number of differences in the setlists, so calm yourself down… As per ‘Perfume River’ they’re joined on the encores by Sid Griffin who (along with REMs Peter Buck) would jump onstage with anyone in earshot during the mid-eighties. You’d be right in assuming he’s not the shy retiring type…

Performances are great – this is the five piece version of the band with John Thoman on Guitar… by far my favourite lineup of the band, for what it’s worth.

('No Easy Way Down' recorded for the OGWT
with a brief interview preceding it)

Now about the date…Matt Piucci announces that the gig was on the 20th anniversary of Sam Cookes murder, which would make it December 11th, but all the references I’ve found state this was November 11th. ‘Perfume River’ was recorded on November 14th (in Rochester). Unless you were there (and if you were, you’re a jammy bugger) we’ll never know. And what difference does it make really…this is great music whenever it was recorded!

Rain Parade
Newport Music Hall — front room
Columbus, Ohio
01. You Are My Friend 3:40
02. 1 Hour 1/2 Ago 4:19
03. Prisoners 4:11
04. Nightshade 2:56
05. Kaleidoscope 5:44
06. What She's Done To Your Mind 3:16
07. Blue 2:34
08. Don't Feel Bad 3:45
09. Sad Eyes Kill 3:06
10. No Easy Way Down 6:26
11. This Can’t Be Today 4:03
12. Crashing Dream 7:00
13. Ain't That Nothin' 5:09
14. Like A Hurricane 6:20
15. What Goes On 4:58
Total 67:33


  1. Holy schneikes! I WAS at this show, which I'm pretty damn sure was a triple bill with Rain Parade, The Long Ryders and Green On Red. I was managing Schoolkids Records in Athens, OH (about 90 minutes southeast of Columbus)and got a bunch of autographed copies of Native Sons and Emergency Third Rail Power Trip for the store. Can't comment on the date, but I do remember it was cold as hell sitting with the guys in their beat up white touring van. :-) Can't wait to hear this!

  2. oh indeed yes... do let it rain on my parade

  3. Hey Rushbo, many thanks to you for the compliments and adding my blog. I've done the same for you. Love your profile pic of the Rush album too LOL!

  4. Well, who doesn't love Rush?

    You're doing a great job over at '...90's'. It's a real memory jogger - I spent most of the 90's surrounded by loads of the CDs on your site. There are some real forgotten gems there - bring on the compilations!

  5. Was talking to an old friend today and realized the show had to be in November; winter break started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I would have been back home in the swaps of Jersey on December 11th. :-) Can't thank you enough for sharing this, along the the other RP goodies!