Tuesday 12 April 2011

10CC: Cape Cod, USA, 30th May 1974

Yeah, OK, shoot me, it's another 10CC post, but it's the last for a while...unless I put the Hotlegs album up, of course...

It's from 1974, all the way from Cape Cod, from a gig where the lads supported Johnny Winter - crazy stuff happened in the 70s... Quality is - passable, but as you know, live 10CC stuff from the early/mid 70s is scarce, so grab what you can. I've kindly supplied a little sample, so you can make your mind up whether this is worth the download. It is, of course.

(Sample of 'Sand In My Face')

I know I'm a bit evangelical when it comes to this band, but humour me, eh?

Many thanks to Dan Lampinski and Carl Morstadt

MP3:   10CC Cape Cod 30 05 74

10CC: Cape Cod, USA, 30th May 1974

01 Speed Kills
02 Sand In My Face
03 Silly Love
04 Baron Samedi
05 Old Wild Men (spliced)
06 Oh Effendi
07 Fresh Air For My Mama
08 Ships Don't Disappear In The Night (Do They)
09 Rubber Bullets


  1. i LOVE 10cc - albeit in a southerner kinda way (Essex) as opposed to a midlander ! I could only download one of your concert recordings, the others don't seem to be active anymore - any chance of sharing ???? Thanks so much ...

  2. I'm a huge 10cc fan. Thanks for sharing these shows. Do you have more rare audio/video from them?

  3. I eat these articles. I thought i was the only 10cc fan on earth but there are so many of them all around the world. There were 9 ducth fans in Royal Albert Hall in may 2012. Even fans from Zwitserland, Australia and Spain!

    Great to share these shows!