Tuesday 12 April 2011

Rain Parade: The Dock near Jackson Mississippi, July 1984

As promised, here’s another ace Rain Parade live recording – this time it’s a soundboard from The Dock in Jackson Mississippi. Quality is great, although the sound man throws the levels around a bit, resulting in a rather ‘roller-coaster’ feel in places – especially to the first number. It’s the four piece ‘Explosions In The Glass Palace’ line up in fine form and the energy level is high. It also finishes up with a raucous version of ‘Glory’ by kindred spirits, Television, where they’re joined by members of the Windbreakers.  

The Band:
Matt Piucci: Guitar, Vocals
Steven Roback: Bass, Vocals
Will Glenn: Keyboards
Eddie Kalwa: Drums

Rain Parade: The Dock near Jackson Mississippi, July 1984

01 What She's Done To Your Mind
02 One Hour One Half Ago
03 Nightshade
04 You Are My Friend
05 Saturday's Asylum
06 Prisoners
07 Don‘t Feel Bad
08 No Easy Way Down
09 This Can‘t Be Today
10 Night Shade
11 Glory


  1. Mention of The Windbreakers makes me wonder if you (or anyone else) has any live recordings by that band. Or other rarities.

    Ace K.

  2. always great to get another live rain parade that i have never seen before..thanks

  3. Sadly, no rare Windbreakers stuff. I'd almost forgotten about them - what a band...

  4. Any chance of re-posting this and the Torino shows?

  5. Thanks so much for sharing all the rain parade show.
    Very much appreciated.