Monday 11 April 2011

Green On Red: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 04 09 2006

The story of Green On Red would make a great movie. Can you imagine…Jack Black would play Dan Stuart and Owen Wilson would play Chuck Prophet. Just watch those dollars roll in. It ain’t gonna happen tho’. But it should. For now, GoR is our little secret.

This peerless soundboard is from their brief, mid-noughties reformation, recorded at a gig in Glasgow. It’s a belter. According to legend, the setlist is exactly the one they were using on the 1992 (?) tour where they fell apart for the (almost) final time. From the first notes, it’s clear that time has not dulled their edge – Prophet pulls off some terrifying solos and Stuart is fine form – loads of banter and just about sober enough to pull it off with aplomb. The whole band sounds great tho’ – tight but loose as they used to say in the 70s. They did a handful of shows, honouring the dates they blew out in the 90s (tickets were still valid, apparently…) Nothing else to say but you need this. Really, YOU NEED THIS.

(Rockpalast -  German TV 2006)

The band:
Dan Stuart : vocals, guitar
Chuck Prophet : guitar, b/vs
Chris Cacavas : keyboards
Jack Waterson : bass
Daren Hess : drums

Thanks to the original recorded/uploader - Evangeline and respect to Carsten, GoR's sound engineer, for a stunningly good live mix

Someone needs to coax Mr Stuart out of retirement (or out of the bar…)

Green On Red: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 04 09 2006

01 Intro
02 Black River
03 That's What Dreams Were Made For
04 Easy Way Out
05 Hair of the Dog
06 Cheap Wine
07 chat
08 This I Know
09 Jimmy Boy
10 chat
11 Keep on Moving
12 chat
13 16 Ways
14 Time Ain't Nothing
15 The Drifter
16 Sea of Cortez
17 chat
18 No Free Lunch
19 band intros
20 We Ain't Free
21 Gravity Talks
22 Fading Away
23 (audience)
24 Ballad of Guy Fawkes
25 Don't Shine Your Light On Me

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  1. It's taken me an age to get round to downloading this, but now I have it's rocking the house. Thanks.
    Can't agree more about Dan coming out of retirement.I love his two post-Green on Red albums (Can O'Worms & Retronuevo-with Al Perry).
    I couldn't get to any of the reunion shows so it's nice to have this recording.