Saturday 12 March 2011

10CC: Live at The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia 05 12 75

You know when I said there where only a precious few recordings of the original 10CC line up? Well, I'm absolutely delighted to say that here's another one.

After reading my gushing prose about 10CC, the lovely ZED (a man who I have never met, but I am absolutely confident is a warm and wonderful human being) dropped me a line along the lines of, 'Oh, I've got a recording of the band from '75...wanna put it on the blog?"  After careful consideration of .01 of a microsecond, I replied in the affirmative.

I waited a week. A long week. It arrived. I played the two CDs...and it was good. It needed a bit of audio tweeking as one channel of the mono recording was noticeably quieter and hissier than the other, but considering it's 36 years old, and recorded on this:
...I don't think it's half bad. The set is very similar to the Santa Monica gig, but 'Une Nuit A Paris' is in the main set. There's a tape flip during 'I'm Not In Love' and there's a partial PA failure during 'Une Nuit...' - check out the rather bemused crowd... There's also a little confusion over the date - the ticket (thoughtfully included by the lovely Zed) says Dec 4th, but all the listings I've found say it was Dec 5th - go figure.

I've included a bit of fairly basic artwork. 

Here's a sample (I've given up on those MP3 players - I couldn't find one that didn't completely gum up the page, so here's a minimal movie, soundtracked by 'Silly Love')

In the grand scheme of things, an audience recording of a band whose hits were all in the 70's shouldn't be a big deal. But it is to me. And maybe to you. I am deeply and sincerely indebted to Zed for dusting off his Maxell Cassette, digitizing it and punting it to me. It's only fair and fitting that he should have the last word:
"I still feel like a little kid when I come across something cool like these 10cc recordings. I've collected records for as long as I was able to hold one. I've also played in bands going on forty years now, so music has pretty much been my life (or, as my bandmate Richard says, "It's our life sentence")."
Part 1
Part 2
10CC: Live at The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia 05 12 75

Silly Love
Flying Junk
Baron Samedi
Old Wild Men
The Sacro-Iliac
Somewhere In Hollywood
Second Sitting For The Last Supper
Une Nuit A Paris
I'm Not In Love

Ships Don't Disapper In The Night (Do They)
The Film Of My Love
Worst Band In The World
Art For Arts Sake
Wall Street Shuffle
Rubber Bullets


  1. Nice One Ian.

    I had one of them there tape recorders.

    It cost about £30 in 1975, so would probably cost £89, 376.22 in today's money.

    Which coincidentally is how much it costs to fill a tank of petrol.

  2. Splendid. May the 10cc love continue!

  3. thanks for this...dont know if you visit the torrent sites but they just put up a 1974 show from cape cod

  4. Thanks Neilantman! I'm downloading it now - hopefully this will open the floodgates...

  5. This is available in Flac at Guitars101