Thursday, 20 January 2011

Rain Parade: Perfume River

(Well, before you accuse me of bandwagon jumping, I'd planned to post this for ages. I've just seen 'Crashing Dream' posted on 'The Commercial Zone' and 'Happy Nightmare Baby' posted on 'Songs From Under The Floorboards', so this one's for the hat trick).

I have three criteria to post stuff: is it brilliant? Is it available as a catalogue item or official download? Has it been posted recently on a blog? If the answer is yes, no, no then up it goes. The first criteria is easy...for the other two, I refer to Amazon and Totally Fuzzy. According to Amazon, the current sale price of 'Perfume River' is £273.08. £273.08!! Hells bells, my first car didn't cost that much.

This is a great soundboard recording of a great show including 'Crashing Dream' (a more hi-fi recording than the one on 'Demolition') and a few tasty covers. RP are well represented in Blogland and quite rightly so, but given the scarcity of this release, I feel it my duty to share. Don't thank me, just pass it forward... I discovered the band just before their death knell - 'Depending On You' from the Whistle Test blew my doors off. As a result, 'Crashing Dream' is my favourite release of theirs, eighties production, synths and all. That was the first vinyl album I ever digitized, having found a lovely clean copy in a record shop in Birmingham for 99p. Thats £272.09 less than is being asked for for 'Perfume River'

And like it says on the CD 'In fond memory of Will Glenn'

Oh, by the way, if you are considering buying the copy on Amazon, you may be interested in a used car I have for sale...


This can't be today
Crasing Dream
You are my friend
Sad eyes kill
No easy way down
Broken horse
Ain't that nothin'
What she's done to your mind
Saturday's asylum
Like a hurricane
What goes on

Rain Parade: Perfume River


  1. Another fantastic choice. I don't have this, or £273.08 to but it new, though £250.57 for a used copy is tempting!!!
    I was a bit slow discovering The Rain Parade, but I can still remember pulling the vinyl 'Emergency Third Rail Power Trip' out of the rack in Action Records, Blackpool - I was mesmirised by the cover (It's now in a frame on my living room wall) and then noticed that it was on Zippo records, the same as The Long Ryders, Green on Red and Danny and Dusty. Hard earned cash was exchanged for a 12" slice of pure genius. I'm really looking forward to hearing Perfume River. Thanks.

  2. At the risk of being run outta town on a rail, as ace as 'ETTPT' is, it's my least played release by them. (Can I hear an angry mob assembling?). The 'Explosions...' EP and the live album are stellar, but my absolute favourite is 'Crashing Dream'. It gets a real kicking from the learned scholars in Blogland but the songs still stand up. I'm glad it's available again on CD (on my old record label no less!) Glad you found the blog, sir.

  3. I rather like 'em all Rushbo. (Each offers compelling reasons for constant revisiting.)

  4. I'd just like to say that if you want to buy this it's still available at I've just got my copy with the shipping to the UK it only cost £11.40 and he also threw in an extra three free cds. So I suggest anyone interested should head over there.

  5. Any chance you can re-up these RP links?

    1. I second this request: please re-up all Rain Parade links.