Sunday 30 January 2011

Bonus Hugo Largo: Live at Maxwell's Hoboken 18th July, 1987 have no idea how exotic 'Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken' sounds to a guy in provincial England....

To reward your impeccable taste in downloading the Hugo Largo stuff I posted yesterday (SEE - I told you it was amazing, didn't I?) I've dug out this little gem from a dusty corner of the hard drive. It's an excerpt from a 45 minute performance at the aforementioned venue. ain't gonna get shown on MTV and you do see quite a lot of the backs of peoples heads (albeit very cool, NY hipsters' heads) and it gets a little bit unintentionally Avant-Garde in places, but the audio is great. You do, however, get to see some of the greatest looking gear ever - just where did they get those ubercool basses? Oh yeah, the tunes are pretty good too -songs from both albums and a rarity or two. There is so little HL stuff on video that, in my world, this footage is a Very Important Thing. 

If you want to see more (especially as I've learned to use the editing software now), send me a comment and I'll chop the master into manageable chunks and put 'em up the first on your block to see a vintage HL show and all that...

Thanks to the original taper (who did a great job, joking aside and I am absurdly grateful for it) and everyone who made this available.

Eskimo Song - Live 1987


  1. yo, i live right across the street from maxwell's in hoboken! been going there for decades, tiny room (fits 125 people), have seen many greats early in their careers (rem, sonic youth, nirvana, pavement, and of course hometown indie heros yo la tengo, to name just a few...). cheers!

  2. Maxwells was a special venue for me -- not only was it the site of the very first Hugo Largo gig, it was also my local. Mimi and Ad lived in the east village, Hahn in Brooklyn, but I was very happy in Hoboken. I REALLY want to see the rest of this and I'm eager to see the set list -- is it one of the shows where we did the only Largo song I sang? I didn't know this video existed, and I'm dying to see it! I'm really trying to remember who supported us, but for the life of me I cannot remember.

  3. Thanks JAM- to have seen REM in a venue that small must hae been sensational - I got into them just in time to miss the club performances, but I got to see them in a few 1000-1500 seater places. Not quite as intimate as your experience, but hey.
    Yo La Tengo are incredibly under-rated...

  4. This is almost certainly the show where the opening act was Speed The Plough, which included several members of the Trypes and Feelies. It was a special evening indeed.

  5. Wow... would really love to see the rest.. is it posted anywhere?

  6. I am the person who filmed this, and I have the original VHS tape I shot it on with my first camcorder (Tim if you want a copy let me know).
    Can you please credit me? Greg Fasolino.

    You can see the printed setlist from the show here:

  7. P.S. HEre's the entire setlist