Saturday 18 June 2011

Happy Birthday Paul

If this was the only song he'd ever written, he'd still belong in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.
One of the greatest love songs of the last century. Apparently, McCartney was too self conscious to call it 'Baby, I'm Amazed', but I like the enigma of the title he went for. My favourite Macca song from my favourite Macca album. Wouldn't it be great if he had just one of these left in him?

Paul has made a few bad choices in his life. Linda was not one of them.

Happy Birthday. 


  1. A fine choice.

    I think I've been so Anti McCartney on Burning Wood that I just wanted to acknowledge that he was and could be great.

    It's just the dross that has been around for the best part of three decades.

    The odd exception, Declan chirped him up, you felt someone was saying that's not great Paul at the time and Beautiful Night is a wonderful song although he's had that around for ages.

  2. I wish he hadn't held this song back and put it on Abbey Road instead (axing Maxwell). You know he had it then, but needed it for his solo release. He begs Lennon not to leave, so he can be the one to announce he's quit. What a colossal ego! Notice how the Beatle songs on his live albums now read McCartney/Lennon as composers? It might not piss me off that much, but he even did it for Give Peace A Chance... But we're talking music, here. Post-Beatles, I can handle only four of Paul's songs. This one, Another Day (go figure?), Let Me Roll It and Helen Wheels. The rest is crap and don't anyone bring up the bass line on Silly Love Songs. It Was Paul's foray into disco, where almost every song had a big bass line. Pure unadulterated crap. Someone also ought to tell him it's okay to let his hair go grey (or white) and look his age. He looks ridiculous in completely dark hair. Have I ranted enough? Happy Birthday Maccaw!

  3. Dude....seriously? Helen Wheels?

    But, I digress. Maybe, I'm Amazed is Paul's greatest love song but check out "Anyway" from Chaos and Creation.....pretty damn powerful stuff there, too. Let's hear it for Nigel Godrich in challenging Paul to strive a bit harder....

    Have a great day all!