Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evan Johansen: Nothing Hurts Now

Sometimes you find beauty in unexpected places. Please listen to this.
Evan Johansen/Magnet - 'Nothing Hurts Now' from the album 'Quiet and Still' 


  1. Hey Rushbo,

    Sorry to clog up your comments.
    NGOOTBRedux has a new home.

    Hope you can update your link for us.
    You're posted at our new place, of course.

    Willard's Wormholes

    Thanks as always for putting up with our exits and returns.


  2. Rushbo? You okay? (This is DPSOO under a new name to make it easier for you and other bloggers to respond to comments). In any case, I can't be the only one missing your insightful and delightful remarks, not to mention a lot of great music posts. Not a peep from you in a long time (the new age has come and time runs as fast as your processor). I think I speak for everyone in that we hope you are well and that you are planning to visit this great blog you created in the very near future. I, for one, will check back often. By the way, did you ever manage to kick the fags? I'm still working on it (for about the 10th time). And yes, I am American, and I must admit that even though I know what it means, it still looks odd. Wishing you well in all that comes your way. ~Oxy~