Monday 18 April 2011

SALTINE - "The Live Room," KCMU Seattle, January 15, 2000

I can't believe it's been so long since my last Posies related post. What the hell am I thinking?

Here's a great little set from Ken Stringfellow's short lived but awesome band Saltine. I got this from a trading site via the Posies Website some years ago, posted by Kelly Minnis, someone who's done more to chronicle the 'unofficial' history of The Posies more than anyone else. He's the guy behind the 'Broadcasts' series of bootlegs, currently being posted on the simply superb Wilfully Obscure blog. ( I am insanely jealous of WO... it's SO COOL...) Anyhoo, I'll leave it to Kelly to tell you about Saltine:

"Saltine was the short-lived solo outlit for Posies co-frontman Ken Stringfellow. Saltine began as a Posies side project in 1997 and became Ken's main vehicle for songwriting until he disbanded the group in 2000. The band recorded several sessions and released an EP in 2000.

Saltine were like a more indie·rock Posies. They had two guitarists, harmony vocals and were a dynamic rock band. That said, Saltine had an edgier, more pointy, less "big rock" kind of sound to it than The Posies. This radio show is pretty much the penultimate recording of that band. You get most of the songs from that EP plus songs that were later released on Ken's official first solo album "Touched" with much more subdued arrangements. The only thing you miss is actually being in the room when Saltine would go galactic at the end of "Silence" and whenever Ken's filter pedal would hit the high end of its sweep it would nearly implode your eardrums. Good times."

He's a fan. So am I. You will be too.

(Thanks to the mighty Pop Fair blog, I've added the six EP tracks that came out in 1999 - sorry it's taken me so long to add you to my blog roll!).

Saltine: The Live Room

SALTINE - "The Live Room," KCMU Seattle, January 15, 2000

1. Sparrow
2. Cyclone Graves

3. Find Yourself Alone
4. Any Sign At All
5. Spanish Waltz
6. Bad Deeds
7. One Morning
8. Your Love Won't Be Denied
9. interview
10. Here's To the Future
11. Durian

12. Reveal Love
13. Down Like Me

14. Don't Break The Silence


15. Reveal Love
16. Any Sign At All
17. I Owe You
18. Find Yourself Alone
19. Your Love Won't Be Denied
20. Bad Deeds


  1. "I can't believe it's been so long since my last Posies related post. What the hell am I thinking?"

    Nor can I, get your act together man.

  2. Sorry sir, I'm being bullied by some of the older boys.

  3. I'm very excited to listen to this as Saltine had such a brief history - thank you!

  4. Argh, Mediafire is blocking this because it has mistaken it for a commercially released Saltine album. Any chance of a repost? Thanks in either case.