Sunday, 17 April 2011

Crowded House & Richard Thompson: Borderline, London, June 06 1991

Well, as the last two posts were a bit preachy, here’s something frivolous and fun. From nearly twenty goshdarn years ago, here’s a little gem courtesy of the BBC. It’s a charming little gig from the Borderline in London featuring four tunes from Richard Thompson and eight from the dual-Finn line up of CH. Thompson plays on some of their set too.

I’ve not seen this on the net, but it must be out there somewhere. Anyroad up, here’s my version from a trusty TDK SA with no clever dickery applied - digitized, split and that’s it. It’s lovely.

Crowded House are a bit of a guilty pleasure at BPFE…as much as I like Mogwai, Phillip Glass, Erik Satie etc, there’s not much that beats a bit of quality Antipodean Pop. It’s a little bittersweet as it features the late Paul Hester, whose untimely departure is still felt by the band. They’ve done two polished albums without him and their live gigs are still warm and funny, but there’s a little bit of Art School Mania missing. ‘Italian Plastic’ is a highlight on this set – it’s a belter.

Richard Thompson is…Richard Thompson. Brilliant musically, great banter and biting, witty lyrics. The bounder!

So there you go…the soapbox is back in the shed and a truckload of Be-Bop Deluxe and Rain Parade shows are ready to go over the next few weeks, interspersed with some tasty treats from the Rushbo Archive. If this post doesn’t put a smile on yer face, then there’s no hope for ya!

Crowded House & Richard Thompson: Borderline, London, June 06 1991

Richard Thompson
01 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

02 Chat
03 Now that I am dead
04 Read about love
05. Don’t roll those bloodshot eyes

Crowded House
06 Weather with you
07 Italian plastic
08 Love you til the day I die
09 Sister Madly
10 When you come
11 Don’t dream it’s over
12 Chocolate cake
13 Into temptation


  1. Nice! Thanks! I think I'll also DL the last live Rain Parade while I'm here, so thanks for that, too. Sounds like a lot of great music coming our way - just don't forget to throw a little Scott Miller in, too. Yes, it's a selfish request, but... I was getting bummed by the state of current music at the time when by chance, I bought a copy of The Big Shot Chronicles on the recommendation of my local record store employee (sadly, the store is no mas). The CD was magic and still is, rekindling my love of music. I've been a huge fan of everything Miller had done ever since! I've read articles about him losing his songwriting mojo from time to time, but I don't buy it. His latest CD, "What If It Works?" (with Anton Barbeau), is a real gem! Rushbo, I know you've heard it, but for the others out there that haven't, pick yourself up a copy and you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

  2. Ah yes, Richard Thompson. The man that can make even a Brittany Spears song sound good. Thanks for this one, Rushbo! ::snatching it::