Friday 18 February 2011

Matthew Sweet: Supervixen

(The trials and tribulations of a Blogger Pt 42542 - this post should have been for a promo CD called 'Goodfriend' but I then found out it's available as disc 2 of the Legacy edition of 'Girlfriend' - note to self...must try harder)

Matthew Sweet needs no introduction, but he’s gonna get one anyway. He’s had quite a chequered career, released armfuls of amazing recordings, had tunes in blockbuster movies, recorded with members of The Voidoids, The Attractions and Television, Richard Carpenter and my second favourite Bangle. From being ubiquitous, he now rarely lifts his head above the parapet and releases stuff sporadically…it’s still great tho’.

Whenever I think of Sweet now, my mental image is that of Charles Foster Kane, brooding in Xanadu struggling with unknown demons …or sometimes Howard Hughes, strangely haunted by his own prodigious talent. Or he could be on the sofa, eating chili and watching sports while the residuals pay the bills. That’s probably the truth.

The InterWeb is awash with MS stuff…his every utterance is available on some shady release or other. And here’s another. This is a collection of demos for his breakthrough release 'Girlfriend' including a whole bunch of stuff that didn't quite make the cut. It's ace.

This man is capable of so much. Let’s see some more …please?

...and was he really asked to join the 90’s version of Big Star?

…and my favourite Bangle was Michael Steele, in case you were wondering.

MATTHEW SWEET: Supervixen:
Good Friend
Your Sweet Voice
I Can't Cry
Divine Intervention
I've Been Waiting
My Own Voice
Warm Yourself
I Wanted To Tell You
Long Way To Go
Longest Hour
Day For Night
You Don't Love Me
Looking At The Sun


  1. Thanks! This is in much better quality than the copy I have. This should help hold me over until his new record comes out!

  2. I nod at all you say, live he could be wonderful particularly when he let rip, I remember seeing an awesome version of Moonage Daydream.

    Yet there are times he just seemed a bit bored.

    My favourite Bangle is a rune type one that I wear only on special occasions.

  3. Thanks Tiger, Always been a huge fan of this record, can't wait to hear this. Much appreciated.

  4. Hi! Do you think you could reupload this? I've listened to Girlfriend the last few months and I love every second of it! I want more. I NEED more!