Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bonzo Dog Band: Return To Jollity Farm

...a bit off topic, but hey - my blog, my rules...
What's not to love about the Bonzos? Great tunes, a sharp eye for a parody and snappy dressers to boot. My introduction to their work (apart from 'I'm the Urban Spaceman') was via Paul Burnett's 'Fun at One' spot sometime in the seventies - for younger readers or those of you not from this green and pleasant land, Paul Burnett was the lunchtime 'jock' on wunnerful Radio One. At 1.00pm he took a break from spinning Slik, Brotherhood of Man and Peters and Lee to play something funny...oh, the irony. Anyhoo, he finally got round to the 'The Canyons of Your Mind', which left me breathless with mirth. The guitar solo in particular caused me to choke on my Crispy Pancakes. I was lucky enough to see them on their post Viv reformation tour thing a few years ago and far from being the embarrassing trudge through the hits to top up the pension I'd feared it to be, it was a warm celebration of some of the greatest musical comedy of the last fifty years. Fair brought a tear to the eye it did. Neil Innes is still touring and is heartily recommended by all at BPFE towers...which is just me, really.

"Canyons Of Your Mind"

Here's a nice BBC Radio 2 doc from March 1997  - lots of insight and ace narration from Neil himself. 

If you don't like the Bonzos, you can't be my friend. 

Music returns to BPFE at the weekend....


  1. In a great minds alike moment, I've dug out some Bonzos live stuff today.

    I saw Innes last week and he was in fantastic form and as for the late great Mr Stanshall, everyone should listen to his Rawlinson End Peel stuff.

    Good Call Ian!

  2. WOO HOO! Bloato comedy at it's finest. Yes Rawlinson End is aces as well.

  3. I missed this one somehow! I have nothing relevant to add- just "I love these guys! Great post!"

  4. Out here in Oz, I never would have had a chance to hear this. Thank you from a very grateful Antipodean Bonzos fan.