Sunday, 2 January 2011

I Love My Label

...said Nick Lowe, but he was probably being ironic.

It's great to find new stuff. That's the whole point of this and loads and loads and loads of other Blogs. It's great-er to find an entire label chock-full-a sweet ass tunes, as the young people might say. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you:

...from somewhere in the South West of the UK. They've been diligently pumping out great stuff since 1994 and they're home to my new favourite band (Cheese) and my old favourite Psychedelic Troubadour (Anton Barbeau). There are some great sounding samples on the site - 'Enlarge Your Johnson' (ermmm, is that rude?) by Cheese comes highly recommended. They're a tune-tastic mix of Big Star and XTC, which has to be the greatest combination since Apple Pie and Ice Cream. Sadly, the label seem to be winding down, which makes me sad, but the back catalogue is still available giving you, dear reader, the chance to purchase some ace CD's (remember them...?) at frankly ludicrous prices - three Anton Barbeau CDs for under eight quid? Are these people mad? Well, no, they're not.  The label is run by a bona-fide music geek called Simon Felton, who also makes jolly good tunes, too.

I urge you to check 'em out, buy loads of swag and tell 'em Rushbo sent ya...and before you ask, the label has nothing to do with me, you heartless cynic, you. For shame!

Anton Barbeau-Plastic Guitar

Cheese - Why Shes Not A Millionaire

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