Sunday 9 January 2011

Green On Red: Live at the Town And Country Club (1989)

'Poor ole Dan...'

Live albums are a bit of a mixed bunch - for every 'Live At Leeds' there's a ...(insert crappy live album title here). But this is a little piece of history.This is a BBC recording of a tour that GoR would rather forget, but it's got a ragged glory that got smoothed out a little on their other records. I'll let Mr Stuart explain...

This LP was recorded at the end of a European Tour that was beset with disasters from start to finish. There were problems with Exploding Vans, Storms in the Channel, Lawyers, Liquidators, Independent Record Companies, Domestic Dramas, Riots in Italy, Traffic Jams in Germany, The Police in Greece, The Mafia in Sardinia, Stolen Equipment and Out Of Tune Guitars.... and then The Drummer Left.

I saw them later on that year and they were still reeling - a clearly 'refreshed' Dan Stuart, deciding that he needed a break mid gig, sat down on his combo amp and fell over backwards. This was when he wasn't saying 'Big dog's cock' over and over. Or berating the audience ('How do you live in a country where it goes dark at four in the afternoon?') Or my favourite - Dan starts a solo version of 'Time ain't nothing' blissfully unaware of tuning or melody. At one stage, Bassist Rene Coleman joins in, only to be admonished by the clearly pissed-off singer - 'Stop it man, yer spoilin' it!' It was like The Faces, but in plaid shirts and with sensible hair.

This is ripped at 256 from my vinyl 10" - limited edition #111 fact fans. Enjoy.

16 Ways
DT Blues
Fading Away
Morning Blue
Zombie For Love
Hair Of The Dog
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. And a great blog you've got yourself! Gotta love Green on Red!!

  2. What a great choice. I have copy numbrer 0954 - how many are there?

    I love this so much that I tracked it down on CD some years ago - It was released in Germany as "Here Come The Snakes/Live" on China records - CHI 9014-2. A quick Google search suggests it may not be easy to track down anymore.

    There is another live album, but it's equally elusive: Live at the International Manchester March 27, 1987 is an internet only CD (I think)- details here:

  3. ...ah Mr M, I've been expecting you...
    I have a brilliant GoR live double from their brief reformation in 2006 which is going up soon and a few tasty Rain Parade live things. Nice to have you on board!

  4. Love this record. Had heard of it, but never really tracked it down.

    Thanks much for this and all the other fab posts here.


    - DC