Sunday 13 May 2012

Donald 'Duck' Dunn 1941 -2011

What a sad day for music.

Donald was an unsung hero- his beautiful, minimal, melodic Basslines pushed forward hundreds of classic Stax tunes and he's played with so many great musicians you'd be hard pressed to list them all. 

As a budding Bassist, I'd listen to those great lines he wrote and try to copy them - the patterns were simple, but getting them to groove and flow the way Duck did was pretty near impossible. As a Bass teacher a few years later, I'd always get my students to listen to his lines- no wasted notes, no 'party tricks', just rock solid, meaty and melodic playing. I'm still using him as the template for many of the things I do and I'm not alone. 

One of the greats.

"Time is Tight" by Booker T and The MGs featuring Duck and Al Jackson (Drums)


  1. And Steve cropper on telecaster. Nice post.

  2. Nice post.

    One of the most enjoyable things I ever read in the Rolling Stone mag was an "interview" with Booker T and the MG's, where various songs were played to the band they commented on them. They all came across as real professionals, but open-minded and not at all inclined to promote themselves. (What need would they have had to do that?) The "interview" was also great because at times it was amazing that they did not seem to recognize the artist or song. That gave a good indication to me of how busy those guys were.


  3. Great post! Anyone who disagrees, remember what year this was. That's great playing by all involved, be it then or now. On a side note, my mother went to school with Booker T and she told me he always had one eye over his shoulder and was never hurting for a date. I'd say different times, but probably not... sigh...., but I digress. Great musicians never have to prove themselves. Thanks Rushbo. I've enjoyed this clip many times over.

  4. Hi,

    I hope you didn't retire with Duck. This is one of my favorite sites.


  5. Hey, My Man,

    Rushbo, say it ain't so - that the Duck is really the last post. If life got in the way of blogging, it's fine. Give me a shout or better yet, post your future intentions regarding this ultra-fine blog. You know you have a ton of fans. If you've had it, we'll understand and that will be a very sad day for all of us. In the meantime, c'mon out and let me giva ya a big sloppy kiss! Big hugs available, too!