Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Best Of The Year at BPFE

It’s been a funny ol’ year for listening to stuff at BPFE. Thanks to the discovery of a number of exciting blogs, I’m afraid my consumption of brand new music has taken a back seat to rediscovering some classics and some obscurities. I’ve loved every minute, but I’d be hard pushed to come up with a list of 10 albums that have blown me away. Instead, here are three:

Matthew Sweet: ‘Modern Art’
I have no idea why this wasn’t praised to the skies on its release. It’s a superb album with some of Sweets best melodies and some great ensemble playing. Expectations are always high when MS releases an album and for many people, he’s still in the shadow of ‘Girlfriend’ which (IMHO) is insane. There are some great songs on here and it’s nowhere near as ‘Avant-garde’ as I’d been led to believe. Lots of scrumptious, tight, Pop Rock gems, as well as Mr Sweet stretching himself out a little. If you bought this, listened to it once and then tossed it in the ‘trade’ pile, dig it out and try again. It ain’t his most immediate work, but it’s up there with his best.

'Oh Oldendaze!' from 'Modern Art'

Captain Wilberforce: ‘Ghost Written Confessions’
One day, Simon Bristoll will be a huge star and you can say ‘I told you so’ to anyone who will listen. This is his third full length album and has that ‘third album feel’ too – you know – a little bit different to the previous two, possibly reaching for something else, a la ‘Big Star Third’ or ‘Fables of the Reconstruction’.  It’s not as PowerPop as his last, frankly awesome release ‘Everyone Loves a Villain’, but the songs are marvellous – lot’s of detail, always interesting lyrics and memorable tunes. I’ve waxed lyrical before, and I probably will again, but this guy is probably the best Pop Rock writer you’ve never heard of. PLEASE buy it and make him rich.

'The Day Your Mouth Stood Still' from 'Ghost Written Confessions'

Three Minute Tease: ‘Three Minute Tease’
Anton Barbeau with the rhythm section from The Soft Boys. You cannot imagine how excited I was when I heard about this. Too good to be true? No. It’s better than that. Finally, a supergroup that doesn’t suck. I’m not sure if this has a physical release yet, but trust me, it’s breathtaking. Well, of course it is – it’s Anton Barbeau with the rhythm section from The Soft Boys...

'Love Is Onion' Live from 'Three Minute Tease'

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  1. Thanks for all your humorous and interesting entries in 2011. May BPFE continue into 2012. Happy New Year!!!