Saturday 15 October 2011

Lets Active: Pterodactyl Club, Raleigh, NC, February 14th 1990

Time for some more live's a great show from the latterday LA lineup. My favourite version, in case you're interested. It's a great audience recording (or a third/forth gen soundboard) - give the treble a tweak and it sounds fantastic. A great setlist and an equally great ensemble performance. The choice of songs is pretty heavy on the 'Big Plans/Every Dog' era stuff and so rocks a little harder than previous. Throw a few tasty Who/Hendrix/Beatles covers into the mix and you've got yourself an essential download.

(Lets Active, Live in 1989)

You need this. Really. You need this.

Lets Active Pterodactyl Club Raleigh NC 14 02 90

01 In little ways
02 Fell
03 Sweepstake winner
04 Get Free
05 Horizon
06 Still dark out
07 Too bad
08 Every dog has his day
09 Ms So and So
10 Bad machinery
11 Reflecting pool
12 Prey
13 All roads lead to Hell
14 Spanish castle magic
15 Ornamental
16 Badger
17 Orpheus in Hades Lounge
18 Rain
19 I cant reach you
20 Every word means no


  1. Thanks mucho for the GT & LA! ...and the hits just keep coming! Some really good tunes being posted here, people! Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but y'all should check what's listed in the Genre area on iTunes. Nice touch, Rushbo.

  2. Thx so much for this great show. I live in NC and have seen LA many times over the years with several different lineups. However for simple clarification, the Pterodactyl Club was in Charlotte. I had the opportunity to play there many times and am still well acquainted with it's owners. If this show took place in Raleigh, it was probably at The Brewery. Great show none the less and I am grateful for the post.

  3. Wherever it was, THANKS for posting this one -- was just waxing nostalgic about Mitch & Co. the other day, so this is a nice little serendipity!

  4. Show was in Charlotte at the Pterodactyl, as I was there and have Mitch Easter's set list tucked away in my CD of Every Dog...thanks much for posting it, haven't heard it since that night...awesome!

  5. Thanks for posting! I'm the one that originally taped this show--it is an audience recording. Great show--not very well attended show that night.