Sunday 10 July 2011

Rain Parade: Atlanta Georgia 1985

It’s with a heavy heart that I present to you, the last of The Rain Parade live recordings in the BPFE archive. I’ve said everything I can think of to say about RP, so if you’ve read this far, you’ll know just what an incredible band they were and I am so peeved that I couldn’t get to see Matt Piucci at a recent London date. Bah! Anyway, here it is my friends - my final live recording – Atlanta Georgia 1985. Details are scant to say the least. It’s a good audience recording and features a couple of rare gems – ‘I think I’m lost’ and ‘Remember I’m dead’ – the former is an absolute goshdarn stormer.

The whole gig has a nicely 'unhinged' feel to it and someone definitely bought a new effect pedal as a couple of the tunes are flanged to infinity. Si-Co-Delik!

So farewell then to The Rain Parade. We must cling to this music like a parachute.

Rain Parade: Live in Atlanta 1985

01 No easy way down/This can't be today
02 Don't feel bad/Shoot down the railroad man
03 Blue
04 Depending on you/Go West
05 Mystic green
06 Remember I'm dead
07 You are my friend
08 Think I'm lost

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  1. Just saw a reunited Rain Parade play in San Francisco last month. AMAZING. Thanks for these recordings!