Thursday, 19 April 2012

Record Store Day 2012

Yay for Record Store Day!

This Saturday, I'll be sneaking out of the house and spending far too much money on records. And when my gorgeous and sensible wife challenges me on my return, I’ll say, 'But Darling, it's a philanthropic gesture!' She won't believe me of course and I'll be made to do stuff like gardening and child care as a penance. Bah!

Yeah, Record Store Day- it's either:
a. A great way to draw attention to a rapidly diminishing but culturally important branch of retail or
b. An undignified squabblefest where unscrupulous dealers buy up loads of product which they resell on Fleabay for serious bucks

I really want it to be a. It's probably about 30% b tho...

Here are a couple of fantastic things which came from last years RSD. The Blitzen Trapper tune came from a limited 7" which I snagged at Polar Bear in Birmingham. It came with a handy download code, so (as the 7" is now no longer in print) here it is. I think Blitzen Trapper are ace and well worth checking out - lots of Americana type influences, but with a healthy dash of Fleet Foxes thrown in to sweeten the deal. Smart. The second tune is one that I was alerted to by the lovely Sal over at Burning Wood. I've been a bit of a fan of Jill Sobule since her 'Things Here Are Different' CD (produced by Mr T Rundgren, no less) but this came as a real surprise. It’s from a great album – “A Day at the Pass”, where she tackles a bunch of covers and some original material, ably assisted by John Doe of X. Quite an unlikely partnership, but it really works. This tune - 'Never My Love', is absolutely beautiful.

Blitzen Trapper: "Maybe Baby"

Jill Sobule and John Doe: "Never My Love"

Right mission is to snag a Ryan Adams 7", an MC5 7" a Brendan Benson 7" and the Cleaners From Venus triple...wish me luck!

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