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Paul Buchanan: Birmingham Symphony Hall May 22 2006 and 'Mid Air' taster

It's a good time to be a Blue Nile fan...

Next month sees the release of 'Mid Air' - the debut solo album by Blue Nile supremo Paul Buchanan. Long time readers of BPFE will know that I am a card carrying, 100%, gold plated, fully paid up, lifetime membership, tattoo toting* Blue Nile saddo, so this is BIG NEWS to me. It seems that Mr B has finally learned that to promote a record, you have to go and do things (interviews, TV, blahblahblah) and the profile of this forthcoming release has been higher than any other Blue Nile related thing I have ever come across. Albums have previously escaped by moonlight rather than been released. Tours aren't 'announced' -they're 'rumoured'. Maybe this is the release that elevates his 'cult' ststus to something more....lucrative, I guess.

What's it sound like then? Early signs are good. The album consists entirely of covers of songs originally recorded by Cradle Of, not really. 'My True Country' was issued as a free download from his new website and on a recent UK TV show - 'Later with Jools Holland', he performed the title track. Both tracks are Piano led and both tracks are gorgeous. The album comes out on May 21st and I advise you get one ordered sharpish. Fingers, toes, legs and arms are crossed for some live dates later in the year.

Mention of live dates leads me on to this...

For your listening pleasure, here's some Paul Buchanan live stuff, exclusive to Big Plans... This is a recording from the 'Paul Buchanan' tour of 2006 from Birmingham UK. It goes without saying that it's a fantastic performance and this is a reasonable recording too. Sadly the taper has 'edited' the recording, cutting out audience chat etc which means that although the music is intact, the recording doesn't 'flow' like a regular show. Beggars can't be choosers and all that. If you're a BN/PB fan, you've gotta have it.

"Happiness" from Birmingham Symphony Hall May 22 2006

So, I think we're up to date...if anything else shows up, I'll let you know.

Paul Buchanan: Birmingham Symphony Hall May 22 2006

PB Soundcloud with some recent interviews/'later' audio etc

"My True Country" from "Mid Air"

Paul Buchanan Website

* Not really. I'm too scared to have a tattoo.

Paul Buchanan: Birmingham Symphony Hall May 22 2006

1. I would never
2. Happiness
3. Over the hillside
4. She saw the world (intro)
5. She saw the world
6. Because of toledo
7. Saturday night
8. Sentimantal man
9. Heatwave
10. Walk across the rooftops
11. Tinseltown in the rain
12. High
13. Meanwhile
14. Runaround girl
15. Headlights on the parade intro
16. Headlights on the parade
17. The downtown lights

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