Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Game Theory: First Avenue, Minneapolis, 19th October 1986

Blimey. This is 25 years old.
Here's the latest Game Theory live recording - all the way from Prince's very own First Avenue in Minneapolis. As you've got this far, you know what to expect...12 tracks of wonderment including the rare as hens teeth 'If and when it falls apart'. It's a lovely (if a little quiet) soundboard, which I'm assuming is from the archive of (Photo) Robert Toren. As most of the pictures and recordings I'm posting here which involve Scott M are his work, I believe a 'thank you' is very much in order...

Thank you, Robert.

I'm also delighted to learn that Scott is playing a gig to celebrate the release the release of the expanded edition of his superb book 'Music: What happened?' Unfortunately for me it's at The Starry Plough in Berkeley CA on Dec 4th.  Rest assured dear reader, that if any of my internal organs were still in good condition, they would be sold on Ebay for the airfare. Sigh... I demand a full review moments after the gig is over, ya hear?

...on the plus side, I am going to see Grant Hart in Nottingham on that date, so I couldn't go anyway, so there.

Enjoy the live GT - there's still a few more shows to come - and a few Loud family gigs too.

Game Theory: First Avenue, Minneapolis, 19th October 1986

Rayon Drive
The only lesson learned
Like a girl Jesus
Waltz the halls away
Girl with a guitar
Look away
Where you going northern
Shark pretty
I've tried subtlety
Friend of the family
If and when it falls apart

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  1. Rushbo, Thanks again for another GT show I've never heard before. This one is a bit strange, though. The band is off, somehow. My guess is either dead tired or maybe a little too much "fun" beforehand. Lots of dead air, but some nice tunes in between.