Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Alternate Learning EP

…Mr Scott Miller, kindly avert your gaze…

When was the last time you looked at your secondary school (that’s High School to our American chums) photographs? They make you wince, don’t they? The hair…The trousers…The meaningful expression you’re desperately trying to carry off... To you, it’s deeply embarrassing - to other people it’s cute…charming even. A hint of promise  lurking behind the posturing. Welcome to the debut release by Alternate Learning.

The packaging looks absolutely sumptuous. Sadly, I’ve never seen one in the flesh, but some kind soul has uploaded a beautiful photograph on the ever-wonderful Game Theory/Loud Family Facebook page. It looks like a low budget ‘Armed Forces’ with loads of fascinating flapdoodles and stuff. And the music..? well, there’s four tunes here ranging from a neat little power-popper (‘When She’s Alone’) herky jerky Noo Wave (‘Green Card’) a smidge of Punk Rock (‘What’s The Matter?’) and, erm…’Gumbys In A Coma’. Was it really 1979? An album – ‘Painted Windows’ – emerged two years later which you can find here and the rest of the story you know.

Like most artists, SM looks back on his (really) early past with some disdain, but there’s really nothing to be ashamed of here. In fact, ‘When She’s Alone’ could have been on any Game Theory/Loud Family release right up to the millennium. Possibly without the slightly over ambitious drum break, tho…

The bottom line is, you’re a Scott Miller completist aren’t you? You haven’t got this, have you? Therefore, you’ll download it and, you know what – it ain’t half bad.

Now stop looking at your yearbook photograph and hit the button.

(I’m indebted to my old sparring partner Oxy for miraculously pulling this out of the air…gawdblessya!)

Alternate Learning EP

Green Card
What's The Matter?
Gumby's In A Coma
When She's Alone


  1. I "think" I commented on this last night. But then again my mind was on the baseball games. In any case, I am 99% sure I already have this, but just in case I will check it out again.

    AND for us Scott Miller fanatics, we take anything that has touched his talent.

    You are doing a real service in making this available. He's one of the indie greats.

    Ace K.

  2. Thanks for providing this. I haven't heard it for decades, literally.
    -Jozef Becker

  3. @Joz...

    That has really spun me out...shouldn't I be thanking you?

    Cheers for stopping by sir,

  4. @Ace,
    Welcome back! Even if you have this already, this is a nice, clean copy. I've got a few more shows to up, plus the 'Big Shot Chronicles' demos and maybe more.
    Stop by soon!

  5. Missed this! Joz Becker! How cool is that comment?