Saturday, 13 August 2011

Be Bop Deluxe: Live in London 06 07 76

Hey Be Bop Deluxe fan…still with me?

Here’s the latest instalment in the ongoing plunderage of the Rushbo BBD Archive – a tasty radio broadcast (from something called ‘Rock Around The World’). Quality is decent – a little woolly but very listenable. Just five tunes, but ‘Adventures…’ and ‘Blazing Apostles’ bulk it out nicely. By now I’m singing to the choir so no gushing, just the files….. 

There looks to be a veritable flurry of activity in Nelson land with a Nelsonica-esque event happening in Leeds on October 1st and a potential band tour for next year. Woohoo!

Here's a little sample of the live 76 gig...


...there's still more to come!

London 06 07 76

Life in the Air Age
Sleep That Burns
Adventues in a Yorkshire Landscape
Sister Seagull
Blazing Apostles

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  1. must have been close to that date that i saw them in newcastle firing on all cylinders