Sunday, 10 July 2011

What a lovely midsummer nap...

Well, I’m back after a brief hiatus…is it me or does that sound rude?

Highlights of the last month include a week in Holland on a tour with my school’s band. Are there any more chilling words than, ‘Right-O, we’ve got a few hours to kill in Amsterdam’ when you’re in charge of teenagers? Fortunately, I only had a handful of enquiries as to why those ladies were sitting in the windows with just bikinis on. We also had a concert stopped as we were too loud. Rock and Roll eh? The tune which forced the Dutch authorities to sweep in and pull the plug was ‘Eye Level’ – the theme from ‘Van Der Valk’. Not exactly Pantera….

Got lots of catching up to, so check out the smorgasbord of wonderfulness which stretches out below…


  1. Yeah, welcome home. I do believe it's time for another installment of "RUSHBO"S GUIDE" or am I mistaken?

  2. Cheers Peter - and Oxy...your wish is my command.