Saturday, 4 June 2011

Not Lame is (almost) back: "Power Pop Prime"

Power Pop fans will of course be aware of the splendid work that Bruce Brodeen did for the popularisation of Power Pop for over 15 years. Everyone must have bought a CD from the mighty Not Lame, or snagged a copy of the 'Shake Some Action' book. Well, he's embarking on quite a project - Power Pop Prime.  From the info he's released so far, it seems to be an 8 volume (!!) set of directories listing notable Not Lame friendly releases from 1995-2010. He's even throwing in a cheeky surprise or two. You can't knock the man's enthusiasm and this sounds like an incredibly expansive undertaking. No wonder we're having to wait for 'Pop Geek Heaven'!

The link is below:

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