Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Be Bop Deluxe: Riviera Theatre Chicago 21 04 1976

Here’s Be Bop Deluxe at arguably the peak of their powers – on tour on the back of the ‘Sunburst Finish’ album, bristling with confidence and kicking ass and taking names. No surprises on the setlist, but what a great selection and a nifty unreleased jam led by the Godlike genius of Mr Nelson to keep the faithful happy... Whattaguy.

‘…but what’s the sound quality like?’ A good question, well put, stout yeoman. It’s pretty good. It’s a good soundboard or radio broadcast, I think, but as this is a generation or two down the line, it’s a wee bit ‘splashy’…someone got a bit trigger happy with the recording level at one stage, I’ll wager. That said, it’s more than listenable and you should have it in your collection. New (ish) boy, Andy Clark is on fine form, turning ‘Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape’ into a masterclass in 70’s keyboard stylings…and dig that MiniMoog on ‘Maid In Heaven’. Yummy. The date is a wee bit vague (I've seen it listed differently in two or three places) so don't treat is as gospel. But who cares about the date? ...oh, you  ....sorry.

Apparently, the ‘Legends’ DVD is available and getting nods of approval from the cognoscenti. I haven’t received my copy yet – promised as part of the gig package (do I trust the kindness of strangers, or do I just pony up like the hoi polloi?). When it arrives, I’ll let y’all know what it’s like.

On another Nelson related note, I was lucky enough to attend a show he did as part of the Sensoria festival in Sheffield earlier this month. This was Mr N, his expansive Geetar collection, his home movies and his trusty Revox (or 21st century equivalent). And very nice it was too. No news of any other shows, but I’d recommend this set highly if he was to play near you.

Also available at a sensible price is the excellent ‘Music In Dreamland’ – a neat biography of BBD/Nelson by Paul Sutton Reeves. It’s out again and you should have a copy. It’s a nice balance between trainspottery academia and human interest stories. Great pictures too…BBD were a ‘unique’ band visually, that’s fer sure.

There’s another seven (count ‘em) shows to go…excited? You should be!

Be Bop Deluxe: Riviera Theatre Chicago 21 04 1976

Fair Exchange
Stage Whispers
life In The Air Age
Sister Seagull
Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape
maid In Heaven
Ships In The Night
Blazing Apostles

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