Sunday, 10 April 2011

Be Bop Deluxe: Top Gear Session 09 1973

Well, it seems that you like Be-Bop Deluxe out there in Blogland.  Impeccable taste, one and all. I've got a bunch of Be-Bop Stuff ready to post, most of it's already out there, but scattered all over the place. My plan is to bring it all together here. Yep, I guess you could call me a modern day saint...

The first one is this incredible recording from 1973. it's from John Peel's legendary 'Top Gear' show and features three tracks, two of which were never commercially released. Sound quality is surprisingly good for such an ancient tape and I've left in John Peels intros and outros to add a certain early 70's vibe. 

We seem to be seeing a bit of a revival in interest in Mr Nelson's work. My advice is to download this and all the subsequent posts, grab the CD's (all available and cheap), get the BN stuff (lots available At Significant Hangouts) and sit back and say, 'I was there first'. 

(I've pitch corrected this a may not be bang on, but it's a lot closer than the original file I recieved)

Thanks as ever to the original uploader.  

Be Bop Deluxe: Top Gear  09 1973

01 John Peel Intro
02 Axe Victim
03 John Peel Intro
04 Bluesy Susie
05 John Peel Intro
06 Tomorrow The World
07 John Peel Outro



  2. You're welcome....there's plenty more to come, too.

  3. I've read about Be Bop Deluxe previously but had assumed they were merely glam also-rans........but this is fooking superb (pardon my Swahili!).

    Once again, thanks Rushbo for expanding my horizons.

  4. Thanks for posting bbd. You are the king of all bloggers.

  5. Thanks Guy...I'm not sure if I'm the King, or even a Prince...maybe an Archduke.

  6. ......the file's not there any more.......any chance of a repost?