Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Be Bop Deluxe: London Hippodrome 14 06 75

Here's the next installment in the Be Bop fest!

I'm working chronologically, so as Julie Andrews said, let's start at the very beginning (That's a very good place to start). Here's BBD in all their Glam-Pop pomp touring the splendid 'Futurama' album. Nelson is absolutely stunning on this recording - the opening Guitar salvo of 'Stage Whispers’ had me grinning from era to ear. It's lovely to hear this relatively new band finding their feet and Andrew Clark especially stands out. He was the newest of the new boys at the time and he adds some really tasteful, 70's-tastic electric Piano into the mix. The absurdly underrated Charlie Tumahai plays some masterful, funky-but-chic Bass. (Sad muso note - I stole so much of my Bass playing from Tumahai without actually knowing it - that gorgeous, free flowing, melodic and supportive style. He was unique). Oh yeah, let's not forget Simon Fox, all the way from Birmingham which as we all know is God's country, right kids? Another great player - heavy but subtle at the same time. And Nelson? He's frickin' amazing.

Either this recording has been kept in a vacuum sealed container since 1975 or it's been repeated fairly recently as the quality is scrumptious. There's some lovely Pete Drummond announcements throughout ("...Next week you can hear Linda Lewis and Pilot") and the setlist and performances are ace.

('Maid In Heaven' from OGWT 1975)

This ain't just for Completists, Anoraks and Trainspotters...this is for everyone. Looking for an intro into the Polyester suited world of BBD? Intimidated by all those confusing album covers and references to Jean Cocteau? Frightened of the haircuts? Well fear not - let me take your (virtual) hand and lead you through the door marked 'Mid 70's Glam-Prog-Pop Awesomeness'. Everything will be alright.

So let’s hear it for ‘A happening young band called Be Bop Deluxe!”

Be Bop Deluxe: London Hippodrome 14 06 75

01 Stage Whispers
02 Third Floor Heaven
03 Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape
04 Sister Seagull
05 Piece of Mine
06 Maid In Heaven
07 Axe Victim (fades out)


  1. You are doing the Lord's work, and this Sunday is (Roman Catholic) Easter.

    God bless.

    Ace K.

  2. Thanks - I haven't listened to these in ages , listening to this has sent me rooting round my boxes of dusty old vinyl & finding lost gems .....