Monday, 11 April 2011

10CC: Vintage TV Documentary March 2011

Yeah, I know what you're thinking..."Why don't you call the blog 'I Heart 10CC to the point of obsession' and be done with it?" Well that may be true, but people keep on downloading the stuff I post here, so there. If you dont like it, start your own blog, sulky - really - go on, it's fun and you can pretend the people you correspond with are really your friends and try to fill that aching, yearning chasm where your soul used to be. (..oops, sorry about that, been listening to The Red House Painters a bit too much recently...)

Anyway, this is a nice little Vintage TV doc on the mighty 10CC. It shows them in rehearsal for their current tour and features plenty of song snippets and lots of chat from the 2011 version of the band. Say what you will about the 'Gouldman and Friends' line-up, the live shows are excellent and the setlist is impeccable. I only wish they'd change it a's been pretty much the same songs for the last three years. But hey ho....

(Promo for the excellent 'Clever Clogs' DVD, featuring the current line up)

I don't think they knew the camera crew were coming, judging by the way they've dressed...I'm not expecting them to look like The New York Dolls, but come on lads, make an effort!

10CC: Vintage TV Documentary


  1. Ha ha, you sum up the world of blogging pretty accurately.

    I'm always amazed at the angst, my tenet is to never say something via blog / forum / email that you wouldn't face to face.

    If only others could.

    10CC stuff is dandy. I'm not overstruck on the current line up but then again I was always an Eric Stewart fan.

    Not enough Eric's in popular beat combos is my view.

  2. I admire your persistence enough to download some 10cc and give it a listen!

    Ironically, "Bloody Tourists" was one of the first albums I bought, as a 9 year old, as I dug "Dreadlock Holiday". The album was in the bargain bin, and I forwent purchasing a Mars bar to buy it. I vaguely remember a song about Ocho Rios that I dug because it mentioned Rochdale, which is where my old man (RIP) came from!

    Alas, when I discovered Kiss the next year, "Bloody Tourists" was summarily dismissed, and probably used as a frisbee in the field behind my house. If you've never tried using an LP as a frisbee, give it a try someday - you can get 200 m throwing with the wind!

  3. You mean we're not really ::sniff:: friends...?

  4. Ralph - ahh, the things young people do to LPs...I remember turning the motor off on our old 'radiogram' (a coffin sized record player and storage system), spinning the deck as fast as I could with my fingers and playing 'Chuck Berry and The Steve Miller Band Live' as fast as possible. The manic, chipmunk noise made me laugh until my sides hurt. That LP is probably worth a fortune now.

    Adelle - Of course we're REAL friends...what I meant was...I mean...errr....oh quick, look over there! (Runs away)

  5. La la la I can't hear you guys talking about harming vinyl LPs la la la! (Hurts my heart. Nay- my soul!)

    And that really was the perfect description of bloggers. My chasm is a bit less achy & yearning knowing I'm not the only one who uses music & virtual friends to fill it.

  6. "Say what you will about the 'Gouldman and Friends' line-up..."

    Okey dokey:

    When I was watching the promo video, I thought to myself "That looks like a 10cc tribute band with special guest Graham Gouldman." As far as I'm concerned, what I saw wasn't 10cc. (To me, "10cc" now just the name of a brand, not a band). However, because I'm such a fan of 10cc, and the performances of those magnificent songs sound so good, I'm now itching, and itching badly, to get that Clever Clogs DVD. Time to whip out the electronic wallet...

  7. Peter - it's hard for me to defend 10CC when only a quarter of the group that had (most of) the hits is still around. That said, Paul Burgess has done nearly ever live gig the band has performed and Rick Fenn has been in the band since '77. As a purist (ha!), I think I'd prefer the 'GG and Friends' moniker, but that doesn't put bums on seats like '10CC' does.
    I doubt very much we're ever going to see the 'classic' line up on stage together again and regardless of the name, this is still a great live band, even though they dress like sales reps on a day off...