Saturday, 5 March 2011

Paul Buchanan, Live in Manchester 21 05 2006

The biggest 'hits' at BPFE so far have been The Blue Nile posts, which has restored my faith in human nature. I had no clue when I embarked on this little venture into vanity and ego massage that people would respond so positively to a band I thought only a handful of people had heard about. Cheers chums.

Here's a recording I'd forgotten I had. Yeah, criminal eh? It's from PBs 'solo' tour (practically The Blue Nile by moonlight, really) which was uploaded to a trading site and then all-too-swiftly disappeared. But here it is and of course, it's ace. This gig was his first full length performance in years, but he nails it. The set list includes two as yet unreleased tunes - 'Meanwhile' and 'Runaround Girl'. Maybe one day we'll hear finished versions of 'em. Blue Nile fans are used to being patient and with good reason.

Sound quality is pretty decent for an audience recording. The Bridgewater Hall is a lovely sounding venue as I found out when I saw BN there a few years ago.

Who was in the band? I'm pleased you asked: 
PB: Guitar, vocals
Robert Bell: Bass, Keys
Alan Cuthbertson: Keys
Stuart McCredie: Guitar
Liam Bradley: Drums
And here's a sample of 'Tinseltown In The Rain'

I won't bore you with my usual critique as I'm singing to the choir on this one. Suffice to say you'll love this rare recording. One day there'll be a new Blue Nile day....

Part 1
Part 2

Paul Buchanan: Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 21 05 2006

Part 1
I would never
Over the hillside
She saw the world
Because of Toledio
Saturday night
Sentimental man
The days of our lives
A walk across the rooftops
Tinseltown in the rain

Part 2
Easter parade
Runaround girl
Headlights on the parade
Strangers in the night
I would never


  1. Thanks for this. Will hold me til the next Blue Nile album comes along.

  2. Just read Nileism the book about the band - seems they ahve fallen out so I think High might well be the end ...unless we get a PB solo lp

  3. love the blue nile , thanks .

  4. Hi,
    I can't get these files to play because of the .zip format. Each time I've saved the download onto my computer and it comes up as a Windows Media file, but when I "open" it to extract the files, it just goes into Media Player mode and won't play. Any help would be appreciated. In return, I think some of you will enjoy this 20-yr-old documentary about the band's first US tour which I have stuck on YouTube:

  5. Hi Trevor,

    ...that's a weird one. You could try using 7 Zip - it's a free bit of software that does what Winzip does: works for me

    - and thanks for the link to the doc!

    I have a Paul B show from Birmingham going up soon - watch this space!

  6. Cheers Rushbo, that has worked a treat. I've wanted to download Paul's Strangers in the Night for the last five years, so you've made me a very happy man!

  7. Glad to be of service - enjoy the recording.

  8. You're amazing. Just saying. I LOVE THE BLUE NILE!