Thursday, 24 March 2011

Loud Family: Knitting Factory NYC NY April 17 2000

My love of all things Scott Miller-esque is well documented on this blog...suffice to say that this is a great sounding audience recording from 2000. And because it's The Loud Family, it's essential.

It's a special request for Bill Perry, who's music I STRONGLY urge you check out.

Short and sweet...more Miller to come you lucky people!

Knitting Factory 17 04 2000

The Loud Family April 11, 2000
The Knitting Factory (NYC NY)

01 Intro
02 Nice When I Want Something
03 Idiot Son
04 Backwards Century
05 Years 0f Wrong Impressions
0 Motion Of Ariel
07 The Waist And The Knees
08 Cortex The Killer
09 Don’t Respond She Can Tell
10 The Story In Your Eyes
11 Asleep And Awake On The Mans Freeway
12 Just Gone
13 720 Times Happier Than The Unjust Man
14 Sister Sleep
15 Encore Break
16 Where They Walk Over St Therese
11 Rosie Overdrive
18 Encore Break
19 Like A Girl ]Jesus
20 My Sharona
2l Dripping With Looks


  1. This is one great set! Virtually flawless and good banter from Scott. I've met him and he's a really nice guy. Never could understand why they never got any radio play. Game Theory and Loud Family were top notch bands and deserved better. In any case, I absolutely love your tastes in music and keep the Scott Miller coming. ....and now for a little self-serving, any chance you have any odd or live Dumptruck hanging around to up? I can't find anything besides the usually CDs. Not even one live show. In any case, love your blog and I find it very amusing, as well as a source of great music. Your comments about your first gig were hilarious (and very true).

  2. Well, thank you so much.

    I wish I could repay you with a Dumptruck recording, but alas no. I think I've got a bit more LF/GT stuff to post, so keep a look out.

    I'm jealous that you met Scott - I once had him answer a question on the old 'Ask Scott' section of the LF website and that was thrilling enough!