Friday, 25 March 2011

Be-Bop Deluxe: Teenage Archangel + Jets At Dawn

This dropped on my doormat all the way from EBay just this morning and I'm posting it in a rather excited rush...This time tomorrow, I'll be in the audience for a special Bill Nelson show! Yep, our William is being filmed in concert for a DVD release - the programme is called 'Legends', I believe, which is about right. He's playing in front of a small audience and there's a meet and greet an' all that malarkey. It's costing me a weeks wages, but hey... I'll give you the low down at a later date. For the moment, here's the debut Be-Bop 45 - it's a lovely curio all the way from '73. 'Jets...' has the edge for me - a graceful mid-tempo ballad with some ace bluesy guitar. Smashing. The copy I've got is suspiciously clean for a 38 year old record, but it's definitely worth the fiver I paid for it.

All together now...'Do be careful...'cos I'm an Axe Victim...'


  1. Wow! I mean...Bill live? This single? I shake.

  2. You lucky boy.

    I would have loved to have a dabble but family celebrations meant I had to say no.

    I was more than happy to pay the price to see the great man and even spend the time eating jellied eels.

    Have a great time, I'm really envious.