Thursday, 24 February 2011

Go Betweens: Whistle Test 1986

I just thought I’d share this with you fine people in BPFE-Land. I’ve just bought a doohickey (£30-odd quid for something that looks like it fell out of a cracker..?) which digitises yer old VHS tapes…remember when NICAM was the future? Who knew? Who knew? This means I’m spending far too much time looking at compilation tapes I made in the 80s. Annoyingly, most of the stuff I have is up on YouTube already, but I couldn’t find these two gems, so here they are.

I loved the GoBetweens, in spite of Robert Forsters’ bizarre ‘Dallas’* fixation. This Whistle Test footage shows ‘em in fine form. There’s so much good stuff here – Robert Forster’s trousers! Robert Vickers playing with a thumbpick! Amanda Brown’s frock! Lindy Morrison’s drumming! Sometimes with a tambourine on the snare! Lindy Morrison! (Sorry, just having a small, mid-life crisis there). It’s bittersweet to see the late Grant Mclennan in action. What a loss he was to music. 

So have a wallow in the lovely eighties-ness of it all. 

(Head Full Of Steam)

(Apology Accepted)

(This is especially for the lovely Ralph Dodger from ‘Shoulda Been Huge’ - now that’s a guy who knows his quality Antipodean Pop).

(* It was actually 'Dynasty' that Mr F obsessed over - he grew rather fond of Blake Carrington, I believe....) 


  1. I'm unfamiliar with this "Dallas" thing you speak of...
    Somewhere online i came across an Aus. tv show about "16 Lovers Lane" an hour about the "greatest australian albums". the only other one i remember was a Paul Kelly record. No Drones though..sigh.
    here you go:

  2. Are you willing to mention what the name of the doohickey? I have been interested in investing/wasting time with such conversions, but have always held off out of concern with getting software/devices that will actually work and not be a huge pain.

    Ace K.

  3. To Bill Perry - actually, it was Dynasty! (I've just checked). Apparently, Mr Forster developed a bit of a fixation for Blake Carrington and at one stage dyed his hair silver-grey to emulate his hero. Whattaguy. Thanks for the heads up about '16 Lovers Lane' - I'll check that out. Australia has always been a bit of a mecca for me as many of may fave bands (Church, Hoodoo Gurus, Go Bets etc) come from your fair isle. Loads of great music, considering the total population is about 250 people (or something like that).

    To Ace - the doohickey in question is an Ion Video2Go, which I got from my local Maplins. It seems to do the job -there are more comprehensive ones, but as all I wanna do is digitise my old videos and not remake Citizen Kane, it'll do fer me...

  4. Oops- no man i'm in cincinnati a different podunk backwater that has a suprising amount of cool music- Wussy, Greenhornes, Afghan wigs, Harlequins, and if you widen the radius we pick up guided by voices, soledad brothers, oh, just shitloads of quality lost in the most conservative state in the union cept Texas maybe. Hell across the river in kentucky a couple miles they've got the CREATIONIST MUSEUM! I wanted to sell my belongings and flee when i found that out

  5. Just when you think you've seen it all!

    Immense. Huge. Gargantuan. Behemothic. etc. etc.

    Thanks Rushbo!