Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bonus Game Theory/Loud Family Post!

Well you've probably seen Angelo's GT/LF post over at the ever fabulous Power Pop Criminals an appendix to that, here's a rarity or two that he couldn't post. Most of them are from the Loud Family site, the rest coming from tribute know, that sort of thing.

I do feel a little bit bad about this, as he's done kick ass covers and everything and mine are just files....but hey, watchyagonnado?

So bolt these to Angelo's stuff and wallow in the incandescent glory of Scott Miller. The stuff he throws away, mere mortals can only strive for.

Game Theory and Loud Family Rarities

Look Through Any Window (from 'Sing Hollies in Reverse' tribute)
Cara Lee (?)
Sexy Sadie (Loud family Live 09 07 98)
Beach State Rocking (Scott solo 09 10 85)
Chicago and Miss Jovan's Land-O-Mat (?)
Like A Girl Jesus (Game Theory live 03 11 88)
We're For The Dark (From Badfinger tribute 'Come And Get It')
Water (Last part of 'A Child's Christmas Saving The Whales' 89)


  1. Oh, yeah, alright, take it easy baby. Make it last all night.

    That "We're For the Dark" cover is great. As is just about everything from that truly worthy tribute CD. I've actually used THAT recording to introduce people to Badfinger because it really gets across what great songwriters they were.

    Ace K.

  2. If I recall correctly, "Chicago and Miss Jovan's Land-O-Mat" is an outtake from Interbabe Concern that was eventually released on a V/A comp called Yellow Pills #4.

    On an early tracklist for the album that I found somewhere (I don't remember where anymore), "Chicago..." was between "Just Gone" and "Asleep And Awake On The Man's Freeway".