Thursday, 17 February 2011

365 Bands In 365 Days

Commitment. That’s a serious word. Scary, even (ask my wife…) So to commit to do something on a daily basis for an entire year…now THAT’S commitment.

Meet Adelle. She started a blog on January 1st this year and it’s called ‘365 Bands In 365 Days’. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what she’s doing there, does it? Now it may be because of my advanced years, but I can scarcely make a commitment to put on my trousers on a daily basis, let alone write a blog... what if you’re poorly? At the Zoo? Bad hair day? (that last one no longer applies to me I’m afraid to say…). Well, she’s got to mid-February and she shows no sign of stopping. She’s covered some great stuff (Electric Prunes! Camper Van Beethoven!), some classic stuff (Little Walter! Toots and the Maytals!) And some stuff I’ve never heard of (er…Vandaveer?). She’s got a great format for her posts – a bit of data, followed by a paragraph or two of anecdotage. It’s funny and clever, which is a great combination.

Only Adelle is gonna love everything on the blog, but I know you’re a broadminded hipster (or else why are you reading my blog?) so you might get turned onto something new.

Adelle’s made a committment…now it’s your turn.

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