Saturday, 26 February 2011

10CC Live: 'BBC In Concert 1974'

As promised a while ago, here's the fabulous 10CC in concert for the BBC in 1974. It's a good quality dub and it sounds fantastic - the Guitars on 'Silly Love' rock along in a very pleasing manner. It was recorded on 21st August  1974 at BBC Shepherd's Bush Studios - check the audience for some lovely fashion notes!

(Wall Street Shuffle)

I dont know what else to say, other than YOU NEED THIS. It's in four parts, which you'll need to unpack and it'll magically become just under thirty minutes of aceness. Ain't technology cool? If you want to burn it to DVD, I've included a cover, too.

Thanks to martiblatfa and annagranfors over at thebox/bz for the original file and cover design.

Oh yeah, stay tuned for some VERY exciting 10CC stuff in the near future...fingers crossed!

10CC Live in Concert 21st August  1974 - BBC Shepherd's Bush Studios

Silly Love
Wall Street Shuffle
baron Samedi
Old Wild Men
Oh Effendi
Fresh Air For My Mama
Rubber Bullets


  1. Hey, thanks! Your 10cc goodies have been much appreciated here in Nebraska. Got my fingers crossed for the next, exciting installment of the 10cc story . . .

  2. I can't seem to open the files; is there a password required? I don't remember needing one for earlier 10cc stuff.

  3. Got it. Part 2 had to download again. Thanks again.

  4. Cheers randall - I just downloaded it myself and it seemed to work OK. I love technology when it works...
    Thanks for your support!

  5. Much obliged, Rushbo.

    (Today's verification word: "panst". A new fashion statement!)

  6. Hey Peter,

    'Captchas I have known'...There's a great book in there somewhere. I've had some real gems, my favourite being 'pantalls' which works on many, many levels.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. One sad member of this community notes captchas on the site they upload to as they make great prog band names.

    See if you can guess who it is.

    10CC wise I was once invited to Strawberry studios and was really excited. It was so disappointing really, like a big office with additional hi fi.

  8. Y'know I think I made an audio tape copy of this show from the TV (reel to reel tape of course, and bitten the dust a long time ago).
    It looks so much better in colour.
    Great music, Stands up to the test of time.