Thursday, 20 January 2011

Short Cuts

Steve Mitchell: Peter P Will be The Death Of Me

You've got to love the InterWeb. A long time ago, when I was blissfully ignorant of all things Blog-esque, I was Googlesearching for something by Alternate Learning (we've all done that haven't we...haven't we..?) After a fruitless hour or two, I finally found it - 'Another Wasted Afternoon' by ALRN. I was overjoyed. It was on the first blog I ever read - Little Hits. I trawled that site forever -obscure gems and the occasional clunker, but all described beautifully and done with love. Sadly, it's closed it's doors and there's no more music to be found, but those lovely descriptions are there to tease and tantalise.

Here's a tune that was written especially for LH - by Steve Mitchell of The Pooh Sticks. I loved it right away. If you're a record collector (and I guess you probably are...) you'll enjoy the sentiment, even if you don't recognise the bands Mitchell sings about. I reckon he made 'em up.

Here's the link to the original post. I certainly won't make a habit of just stealing stuff from other blogs, but the temptation to put this out was too great - especially as the original link is dead.

Love and thanks to Jon Harrison
(I've also put up 'The World Is Turning on' by The Pooh Sticks for the sake of balance)

Kamikazi Pilots: Sharon Signs To Cherry Red

The other tune below is 'Sharon Signs To Cherry Red' by the Kamikazi Pilots. I know nothing about this band - two singles and that's it I believe. It's up because:
It's incredibly hard to get
It's a lovely example of twee girlypop
The bassline is bloody ace
...and I was once also signed to Cherry Red Records...don't all rush for my autograph at once.
Enjoy a little snack before the main course...

Steve Mitchell: Peter P Will Be The Death Of Me (Parental advisory - VERY strong language!)


  1. Ah, Little Hits. Likewise in my naive explorations I found the site while looking for anything by The Libertines (not that British band, but the REAL mid-1980s Libertines from the Midwest about whom Jack Rabid of The Big Take-Over mag raved in every issue, although the identical names made that task very difficult).

    I will definitely check this out.

    Ace K.

    P.S. Has someone posted Alternate Learning? I have a vague notion of getting it from one of the top power pop sites, but I might be wrong.

  2. Thanks Ace...I will be putting up the ALRN album in a little this space.

  3. I will be watching this space.

    And now having read more carefully, let me ask, you were once signed to Cherry Red?! That's a GOOD label. I would be interested in any more details, but feel free to omit the details if it might prove problematic.

    Ace K.

  4. Hey Ace - Well,it's not problematic,just a little dull...I was the bassist in a band called Little Red Schoolhouse who put out an album and a 12" in 1990. We were legendary in a five mile radius of Birmingham...for about two months. Happy days.

  5. Ha! I was just listening to my giant folder of LittleHits. I'm so happy i had the forsight to download the entire (i think) audio content. its like having my own LittleHits radio station.
    heard ALRN & thought-"thats gotta be Loud Family". google brought me here. close enough. i await more ALRN. thanks

  6. I grabbed loads of 'Little Hits' stuff but I'm kinda jealous of your archive. As I said in the post, I didn't care for all of it, but a significant percentage was ace. I loved the writing too - informative, funny but never pretentious. I aspire to be 25% as good as Jon Harrison. ALRN soon - I don't want to put up a big chunk of the same artists together (apart from the Blue Nile stuff which was an extra, bonus post)

  7. I came here after looking for Posies stuff, cos we appear to have Ken Stringfellow doing a show in town tomorrow.

    Anyway, I didn't make them up - they're all real! Peter had just sent out his new sale-list and it was stuffed with hi-end gear and I had to get it off my chest.