Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Game Theory - Loud Family

When will someone write the Scott Miller story…?

Now, where do I begin...? back in the fabulous 80's, as an REM obsessed Record Shop drone, I hoovered up anything with even the most tenuous connection to My Heroes. Spongetones album with REM providing handclaps?...goddit. Stipe singing backup on a Jason and the Scorchers record?....goddit. Bill Berry solo single? ...NEED!!! Then I stumbled across the motherlode, ladeez 'n' genlemen...produced by Mitch 'Murmur' Easter - the Alt-Rock 'White Album'...a record so diverse it's like the coolest jukebox in the world - 'Lolita Nation' by Game Theory. It blew my tiny mind. You have to bear in mind that I had only recently stopped listening exclusively to JourneyForeignerStyx, so to be confronted by this was a bit like being dropped into Narnia with nothing but a kaleidoscope and a bottle of Absinthe to sustain me. I never looked back.

Game Theory mutated (in a lovely Dr Who-like fashion) into The Loud Family in the early 90’s -the only constant in 20+years of thrilling and bewildering Art Pop being Scott Miller. He has produced a body of work that stands alongside anybodies you care to mention. Wanna fight about it? Sadly, a lot of it is out of print- in fact, the aforementioned 'Lolita Nation' will set you back three figures...if you ever see it, that is. Thanks to the wonders of the InterWeb, it is around on a Blog site or two and if you haven't heard it, get lookin'. Your ears will love you forever. A few LF CD's and a live DVD are available via 125 Records and Mr Miller has even written a book recently. He's too clever by half.

I've posted a couple of rarities...the first is the Christmas 1990 fan club cassette. Snippets of tunes old and new are collaged with the last Game Theory line up (including Michael Quercio) goofing around in the studio etc. A nice little curio for the Millerfan who must have everything. It does feature a couple of tunes that ended up on the first LF album 'Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things', which is also brilliant. The second is a promo only cassette rip - 'Never Mind The Camera Crew' - six tunes, including a killer cover of Dave Bowie's 'Beauty and the Beast'. Yeah, it rocks and yeah, I called him Dave. I planned to upload tons of stuff I'd collected that was posted on a regular basis to the LF website, but about 50% of my recordings are utterly digi-noised beyond redemption. Bah humbug.

Anyhow...enjoy the GameTheory/Loud Family - if anyone wants anything Miller related posted, leave me a comment. Ahw heck, leave me a comment anyway....

Never Mind The Camera Crew

Spot The Wet Setup
Back Of A Car
You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory
Jimmy Still Comes Around
Beauty And The Beast
Take Me Down (Spo-Dee-o-Dee)

Christmas 90 FanClub cassette

...little bits of Star Trek dialogue with some studio chat, extracts of 'Linus and Lucy', 'Jesus Christ', 'Sleeping Through Heaven' and an early demo of 'Rosy Overdrive'


  1. What a great blog - looks to me as though you're doing just about everything right.
    Anyone mentioning Scott Miller AND Mitch Easter in 1 page can't fail.
    Two Steps was my first Game Theory album, and I still like it the best. I do own all the official albums, and the prices they are fetching are amazing but here's one punter who'll never sell.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Just jumped over here from ASH and, yeah, uh-huh, this is the right stuff.

    The Loud Family got praised in the local paper (Boston Globe) reviews for years before I finally took a chance. What took me so long?

    Great Stuff!

    Ace K.

  3. Just came here from ASH, myself... thanks for the Game Theory/Loud Family rarities. ("Lolita Nation" IS a monster, isn't it?) If you do have anything (other than "Plants and Birds...") by the Loud Family, could you please post? I lost track of them after that...
    Thanks again.

  4. oh, this is great. thanks so much. i've simply been looking for "plants..." because i can't seem to find my copy, and it's driving me mad :) i would love anything else you'd like to share.

  5. thanks! idont know how imissed out on so much loud family- just started looking hard at them after hearing three impossibley (man that spelling looks wrong!) great covers they do "we're for the dark"badfinger "look through any window" hollies and (too many exclamtion points are needed for this one)"rocks off" stones
    i can heartily recommend the hollies and badfinger tributes as well-"sing hollies in reverse" is particularily enjoyable-few dogs on it- ididnt think i liked the hollies this much.
    thanks again

  6. Your link for Never Mind the Camera Crew goes to the download of Levitation - Meanwhile Gardens version 1.

    1. Fixed!
      Thanks for stopping by...