Friday, 28 January 2011

Bonus Todd! The Record Producers Extended (23 01 10)

Hot on the heels of the 'Live at the Venue' post is this little beaut. Part of of the excellent BBC Radio series 'The Record Producers', this is a feature on our very own TR. Loads of examples of his work and plenty of commentary from the man himself. This is the full 90 minute version.

Altogether now...'Here we are again, the start of the end...'


  1. In a great minds think alike moment, I've just been preparing a load of Record Producers in a pack for you know where.

    Todd Extended amongst them.

  2. Oh, please tell me you've got Nile Rodgers - I've been after that fer blinkin' years...

  3. You know I have somewhere, I'll dig it out.

    I put a load on the ipod because I've been letting the train take the strain.

    The Roy Wood one is amazing as is the Mick Jones. The Bernard Butler episode was a bit dull.

    I'm collating them all as we speak, got to 17 so far and would have got higher if I put things back where they should go.

  4. I've got a few:
    Lieber and Stoller
    Tom Dowd
    10 CC (Yaarrgghhh!!! amazing!!)
    Roy Wood
    Bernard Butler
    Chris Thomas
    Mickie Most
    Sir George Martin
    Smokey Robinson
    Steven Street
    ..and Todd R of course.
    If you need any, just whistle...when I say whistle, I mean email and when I say email, I mean leave a comment...

    Oh, what's the use?

    1. Hi Rushbo

      I'm looking for a few from your list from the record producers

      Almost all in fact I do have the Sir George Martin.

      Would you be able to forward some links?

      Many Thanks


  5. I have just read 'The Wizard a True Star - In the Studio' book by Paul Myers, so this download suits me just fine! I'm sure you've read it yourself - just the kind of book I love. I would also recommend 'Good Vibrations - A History of Record Production' by Mark Cunningham.

  6. Do any of you still have the Record Producers programmes mentioned? I'm desperately trying to get hold of them - can you help?

  7. Hi Dan, yeah, I've still got them...let me know which ones you need.

  8. Excellent. I've already got George Martin, Todd Rundgren, Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Bernard Bulter, and the Reggae one. Any others you've got would be gratefully received.

  9. Hi Rushbo,
    I was just wondering whether you could send me any of the Record Producers?

  10. love your blog.
    i would kill to hear the 10cc and Chris Thomas episodes. any chance of you sending them to ?
    i would be most grateful indeed.

  11. Hi Rushbo,

    I'd still really like the Record Producers. Can you send them to

  12. Hi Dan,

    They're all up on the blog - habe a look at the list to the left of this post, click on 'Record Producers' and viola!


  13. Hi Rushbo,

    I have just stumbled across The Record Producers while checking out a Grace Jones torrent, then found the Trevor Horn, Nile Rogers, and George Martin programs from different places online. Fascinating!!, but impossible get the rest down here in NZ. I cannot see those links to the left like you mentioned. Is it possible to email me the rest or drop them to my dropbox? It would be Really appreciated. Cheers!
    drop it to me passwd: flyboy

  14. I have the Trevor Horn, Nile Rogers! Awesome program, missed them as I emigrated to Brasil.