Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Blue Nile: Patience Is A Virtue

Having spent the festive season with a copy of Allan Browns fantastic Blue Nile bio "Nileism" no less than an arms length away, I thought it time to share a bunch of non-album Nile stuff that I've accumulated over the years.

There's no other band like the Blue Nile - I've never seen a band inspire such evangelical devotion. Anyone who's ever seen them live will agree that going to a Blue Nile Concert (not 'Gig'... that's too sordid a word) is a bit like going to Church, but with some good natured banter and better sound quality. The world is divided into two sections - those that have never heard of the band and the (much, much, MUCH) smaller section that have everything they've ever recorded and would kill a family member if Paul Buchanan asked them to.

There are a small number of non-album collections doing the rounds (good luck finding 'em, completists!), but I've focussed on rarities and out-takes rather than collaborations and live material, with the exception of 'Easter Parade' with Rickie Lee Jones duetting with Buchanan which is heartbreaking beautiful.

Everyone should own at least one BN album...'Hats' is an absolute masterpiece, but they're all worthy. If you can listen to 'Family Life' from 'Peace At Last' without sobbing into a hankie, then you can't be my friend.

Major thanks to the original uploaders of these gems...wherever and whoever you are.

Part One:
I love this life
Second act
Tinseltown in the rain (orig demo)
Saddle the horses
Stay (extended remix)
Easter parade
Broadway in the snow

Part Two
St Katherines Day
Young Club
Halfway to paradise
The wires are down
Headlights on the parade (Bob Clearmountain remix)
New York man
O Lolita
Our lives
Wish me well
War is love (a different day)


  1. THANKS for this one. I never really thought about why my hard drive had no Blue Nile downloads folder, while Prefab Sprout outs and demos could fill a room. This comes as a complete surprise, and a welcome one. Greetings and salutations.

  2. Thnaks I'm a massive blue nile fan - got all the lps and the b sides but not heard some of the stuff here

  3. Thanks so much for this, and glad that we can be friends, 'cause about 70% of Blue Nile songs make me week like a fucking baby. :-) You do have the Jenni Muldaur track Wondering that he wrote and duets on, don't you? Happy to share it if not.

  4. Thank You Looking forward to listening to these. I've not heard of many of these either

  5. Cheers, thanks for kind words about book.

    Allan Brown

  6. Thanks for these.
    Currently reading Nileism, great stuff.
    I love The Blue Nile like no other band, so lucky to have seen them live a couple of times.

  7. Hello, any chance some kind soul would be willing to re-post this with a valid link? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Long time fan - hard to keep up to date here in DC .. midway through reading the book, have Paul's solo Deluxe box pre-ordered ... But these tracks are a amazing and awesome offering - thank you SO much!!

  9. Sitting here waiting patiently for the new album tomorrow & I stumble across this treasure trove - thank you!!

  10. Hey there - the download of disc 2 doesn't work anymore! Any chance of getting it put up elsewhere? I just bought the Deluxe editions and am tearing through Allan Brown's book - these tracks are fabulous for following along/filling in the blanks. Cheers!

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  12. Like echoman I arrived at this party a little late and both links for Patience Is A Virtue have been removed. Could you possibly post them again please?. I've just read the Blue Nile article in Uncut magazine, which gives me hope that all is not lost for a reconciliation. In the meantime at least we have the remasters and Mid Air.

  13. Some of these tracks are available on the remasters, which appears to be why MediaFire is blocking the downloads. Any chance you could re-package these with *only* the currently-unavailable songs? Or, you know... send me a private link that works? So grateful to you for gathering these; some I've been looking for forever!

  14. Any chance of a re-up, minus those officially released tracks?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi! I was looking for BN music because in my head High remains as one of my beloved albums, and then I found your superb collection, so I wanna ask you if you can reupload it? Thanks