Monday, 24 January 2011

Blue Nile: Live In Manchester 91 and Classic Scottish Albums

(Hows that for an incongruous image...?)

Well, we’re celebrating here at BPFE Towers…I’ve had a post reach 100 downloads! Yep, the Blue Nile rarities post has hit a century. I have no idea whether this is good, bad or indifferent, but it seems like a bit of a milestone. To celebrate (and reward you for your good taste…) I’ve stuck up a couple of bonus posts. The first is a live recording which is all over the InterWebs  - The BBC recorded Live in Manchester 1991. Sometimes old news is still good news. The other is a great radio show from BBC Scotland. Its part of a series of classic Scottish albums and this one features the debut BN release – ‘A Walk Across The Rooftops’. Lots of love for a truly amazing piece of work. Interviews with the likes of Stuart Maconie and Paul B himself.  Once again, probably nothing you don’t know and love, but nice to have.

I’ve had a lovely time in Blogland. Thanks for all your comments (keep ‘em coming) and I’m chuffed to my little Mint Balls (note to non UK readers – try Google translate) that these bands that I thought were obscure, actually have a fanbase. I’m knocked out that I can write about a band like Game Theory and not only do people know who I mean, but I can have a really trainspottery virtual conversation with them. Smart.

Blue Nile: 13th September 1991. Free Trade Hall, Manchester,

A Walk Across The Rooftops
Tinseltown In The Rain
Over The Hillside
Easter Parade
The Downtown Lights
Saturday Night
Headlights On The Parade

Classic Scottish Albums: A Walk Across The Rooftops. Broadcast 03 28 2006
(Thanks to Don at ASH for the original upload)


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  2. The link to 'Classic Albums...' is fixed. Normal service has been resumed. Must be the celebratory champagne...

  3. I'm listening to this now. It sounds great; thank you.

  4. Chuffed that you've got a 100 downloads - and with a Blue Nile album too!

    All the best fae Lynchie fae Aberdeen

  5. Great treasure the documentary about a real classic¡¡¡

  6. The BBC Doc has been deleted, any chance of an upload or link.

  7. Hey Funk,

    Try the Megaupload link - it's just worked for me...

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